Monday, May 23, 2005

What has GRE / SAT Word List got to do with JJ statement?

SAT / GRE Word List?!

1. Factitious

2. Sojourns

3. Contrived

4. Penchant

5. Tirade

6. Pertinent

7. Albeit

8. Miasma

9. Intervallic proclivity

10. Behest

11. Allege

12. Fathom

13. Viability

14. Diabolic

15. Peremptory

16. Concocted

17. Panting

18. Scurrying

19. Faux Pas

20. Debilitating

21. Slew

22. Perfidy

23. Vexed

24. Pettiness

25. Tangible

26. Strident

27. Beatify

28. Posturing

29. Benevolence

30. Deprived

31. Pontificate

32. Predilection

33. Hallucinating

34. Betrayal

35. Aspirations

The following is the text of the statement of the TN Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, issued on April 25, 2005 in “The Hindu”, National Newspaper.

The Union Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram's recurrent factitious outbursts against me and the Government of Tamil Nadu during his weekly visits to the State in between sojourns in Washington leave me wondering as to whether it is worth it at all to even bother about rebutting his contrived statements. His penchant for raking up mind-numbing issues and colouring them with white lies irrespective of the facts brought out clearly by me in Press Statements and in the Legislative Assembly reveals a chronic incapacity to appreciate facts as they are and instead display an inexhaustible propensity to yell from the rooftops, untruths and falsehoods, merely to occupy newsprint and video footage for cheap publicity.

The Union Finance Minister, Mr. P. Chidambaram, has launched on his usual tirade while conjuring up his favourite pipe dream of a regime change in Tamil Nadu. Obviously rattled by the popular mood of the people of Tamil Nadu appreciating the several measures that I have announced and implemented for the all round development of Tamil Nadu, Mr. P. Chidambaram has ended up hallucinating about a regime change to bolster his sagging performance record, so clearly evident in Sivagangai where people are asking the pertinent question as to why Mr. P. Chidambaram cannot do anything constructive such as assisting farmers, weavers, artisans and the poor even in his own district? Since Mr. Chidambaram cannot seem to grasp basic facts on the issues he has raised, I wish to again set these facts out, loud and clear, albeit "slowly" this time, as a last resort to make Mr. Chidambaram see reason and not indulge in creating a miasma of untruth every time he lands in Chennai.

I had buried the bogey of Mr. Chidambaram's Rs. 1000 crore offer for a Desalination Plant at Chennai in a detailed Press Statement on 3.3.2005. I am quite dismayed to see Mr. P. Chidambaram's intervallic proclivity to raising the same issue of constructing Chennai's Desalination Plant and trying to posture as if only at his behest the project can come through. I have repeatedly on several occasions, both within and outside the State Assembly, stated clearly that it was the Government of Tamil Nadu which had taken the initiative to put up a Desalination Plant on 2.5.2003 itself. Incidentally, Mr. Chidambaram was nowhere in the picture at that time. Yet, Mr. P. Chidambaram wants to bask in the glory of getting Chennai a long-term solution for its water needs. This itself reveals that Mr. P. Chidambaram has no qualms about trying to take away honours not due to him. All his statements in the recent past reflect only this desire and no genuine interest in constructively assisting the State Government.

I have clearly set out the State Government's initiative to implement the scheme on a DBOOT basis. I have brought out the fact that there has been a good response to the tender floated by the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board. I had made it crystal clear that the process of technical evaluation is underway with expert consultants assessing the bids and this process would take a minimum of 60 days. I had brought it to the specific notice of Mr. P. Chidambaram that he should know that a technical evaluation would take that much time. Now, the technical evaluation is at the final stage and will be ready shortly. When this position has already been brought out by me clearly on several occasions in the last two months, I cannot fathom what Mr. P. Chidambaram is trying to allege at this stage? Mr. P. Chidambaram is well aware that the Government of Tamil Nadu has reported all these facts formally and sought assistance from the Government of India in December, 2004, to provide financial support for bridging the viability gap and also for organizing the payment support mechanisms for this project on a DBOOT basis. While the project is making good progress and I have made it possible to establish a modern desalination plant with state-of-the-art technology to meet Chennai City's water needs, why is Mr. P. Chidambaram so intent on blowing up some dust on this project every time he lands in Chennai?

Mr. P. Chidambaram's diabolic plan to shut down the Sivagangai District Central Co-operative Bank and blame it on my Government is most reprehensible and deserves to be roundly condemned. After presiding over the harsh and peremptory action against this Bank when it is on a recovery path, he is now trying to distance himself from the action taken. This is unpardonable and no one will buy his concocted story. It is clear that after my hard-hitting statement on 10.4.2005 setting out all the facts on the Sivagangai District Central Co-operative Bank, Mr. P. Chidambaram is left panting in a corner trying to distance himself from this issue. It is common knowledge that this Bank collapsed way back in 1999 when its net worth dropped to less than Rs. 1 lakh as on 31.3.1999. My Government has actually facilitated the turnaround of the Bank. During 2004-2005, the Bank extended crop loans to the extent of Rs. 11.70 crores and exceeded its farm lending targets after a long gap. Why does not Mr. Chidambaram look at the date closely and determine as to which Government was in power at the time of the collapse in Tamil Nadu? At that time, the DMK was in power. When these are the facts, why did Mr. P. Chidambaram pick up this issue in the first place and having committed a faux pas, why is he now scurrying for cover?

What is the value of having a person from Sivagangai as their Member of Parliament and Finance Minister in the Union Government, if he cannot even react with a human face when farmers, weavers, artisans and the poor of the Constituency are just recovering from a debilitating drought?

My Government has taken proactive steps to ensure that the Sivagangai District Central Co-operative Bank is rehabilitated.

I have written to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India firmly pointing out that the slew of rehabilitation measures that we have undertaken which have yielded improved results as of 31.3.2005, will ensure that the action initiated by the Reserve Bank of India will be withdrawn. I have written to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India with the confidence that he will take an objective view based on the correct facts as on 31.3.2005. This entire action by the Reserve Bank of India would not have happened, had Mr. P. Chidambaram issued a Notification from his Ministry in the first place continuing the exemption for the Sivagangai District Central Co-operative Bank under Section 11(1) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, beyond 31.3.2004 as requested by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Stung by the fact that I had brought out Mr. P. Chidambaram's perfidy against the people of his constituency in Sivagangai District, he is now ducking and dodging trying to shift the blame on to the Reserve Bank of India. This will not cut ice with the people of his constituency who are vexed with the pettiness and insensitivity of Mr. P. Chidambaram in their hour of need.

The people of Tamil Nadu are yet to see any tangible results of the efforts of the Union Ministers from Tamil Nadu, least of all from Mr. Chidambaram. Mr. Chidambaram forgets that it was in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly that a strident claim was made by the Opposition that the State's finances had been rescued by a bonanza given by the Government of India based on the recommendations of the Twelfth Finance Commission. It was made clear in the Legislative Assembly that the State's finances had been set right by the hard work and effort of the State Government which did not receive any bonanza as claimed by the Opposition. In fact, Tamil Nadu's share in the divisible pool of Central Taxes stands reduced to 5.305% for the award period 2005-2010 from 5.385% allowed by the Eleventh Finance Commission during 2000-2005. Further, it was also brought out clearly in the Legislative Assembly how Tamil Nadu got no share in the grants-in-aid provided for deficit States and for Sectors such as Education, Health, etc.

We do not need any lesson from Mr. P. Chidambaram on the difference between the recommendations of the Finance Commission and the role of the Ministry of Finance. Now that Mr. P. Chidambaram has sought to beatify the role of his Ministry, I should set the record straight on how Tamil Nadu is being wronged by his Ministry. Tamil Nadu gets nothing under the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme with a central outlay of Rs. 4,800 crores, despite my repeated pleas. Why has Mr. Chidambaram not done anything about it? The tiny programme for rehabilitation of water sources announced by Mr. Chidambaram is yet to take off and is no substitute. Tamil Nadu gets virtually nothing under the New Programme for Backward Areas / Districts with an outlay of Rs. 5,000 crores which Mr. P. Chidambaram announced in his Budget. Yet Mr. Chidambaram wants to take credit for the Desalination Plant in Chennai for which he has made no provision despite our formal request made in December, 2004. What can one say about Mr. Chidambaram's posturing from the high ground of pretended benevolence when the reality is that people in his own constituency are sought to be deprived and denied?

Whenever I have visited New Delhi, I have taken up issues relevant to Tamil Nadu with the Hon'ble Prime Minister or other Union Ministers in the Conferences and meetings which I have attended. I have met the Prime Minister on 16.9.2004 at New Delhi and given a detailed presentation based on a Memorandum including all the requests and programmes relating to Tamil Nadu pending with the Government of India. I have had a meeting with the Union Home Minister at Chennai in connection with the tsunami relief operations. Mr. Sharad Pawar, the Union Agriculture Minister had several meetings with me on various aspects of tsunami relief operations. Why did Mr. P. Chidambaram go missing when the State was facing a major natural disaster? Instead of assisting the State, he was only putting spokes in extending assistance to our Tamil Nadu fishermen. Mr. P. Chidambaram should realize that he needs to first take a constructive view on the genuine needs of Tamil Nadu before he pontificates on `who meets whom'.

How many times have the frequent fliers from Tamil Nadu - the Central Ministers from the State, including Mr. Chidambaram, met me during their innumerable sojourns back home? It's a pity that while Mr. Chidambaram has used many a public function in Tamil Nadu to weave a web of lies about this Government, he could never find time to meet the elected Chief Minister of the State with constructive ideas. Given Mr. Chidambaram's predilection for indulging in petty politics even on development and growth issues relating to Tamil Nadu, I am not surprised about it.

The Union Finance Minister should do some honest soul-searching. He will find that he has done nothing for Tamil Nadu. Monumental non-performance and betrayal of the fulfillment of the aspirations of the people of Tamil Nadu will stand out in Mr. Chidambaram's report card.

J Jayalalithaa
Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Electric Cars - REVAlation!

Electric cars are very much needed in a country like India (read that as "in a city like Chennai" :-) ). It would be awesome if this car can be mass produced in a way comparable with any other cars of today. (Reva Website :

---------------- start ----------------------

Reva Introduces NXG Electric City Car


GoinGreen, a retailer of electric cars in the UK, showcased the new Reva NXG electric concept car in London. GoinGreen has been marketing another Reva EV—the G-Wiz—since May 2004.

Created by the Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) of Bangalore, India, the new NXG made its debut last week at EVS-21 in Monaco.

The two-seater is powered by a 37kW AC induction motor with 220 Nm (162 lb-ft) torque driving the front wheels. Regenerative braking recharges the sodium nickel chloride batteries during operation.

The battery pack has a capacity of 18 kWhr, and a plug-in recharge time of 6 hours.

The NXG has a range of 125 miles (200 km) per charge and a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h).

The car also features a high-resolution single touch-screen display system featuring all vehicle dashboard functions as well as personal communication tools such as a GPS navigation system, a GPRS modem for internet and email access and an MP3 music player.

------------- end ----------------
Some of the features I would like to see in a Reva cars are:
(1) Capacity to seat atleast 4 adults and a child.
(2) Price point which would be better than that of any comparable petrol(gas) run vehicles.
(3) The charge time for the batteries should be less than 15 minutes.
(4) The mileage per charge should be atleast 400km. i.e. the car should be able to travel
between cities like Chennai to Bangalore (otherwise known as a prosperous suburb of chennai ;-) ) .
(5) Space for luggage - should be able to carry 2 big suitcases (like the ones you carry on
long distance flights!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chennai City Traffic Travails

Here are some of the problems I see in Chennai city Traffic:
(1) People honking whenever they see a potential traffic obstacle 100 meters away!

(2) People honking for no apparent reason. I guess they feel safe if they keep testing their
horns every now and then.

(3) Honking in a "don't sound horn" zone.

(4) Using air horn in the city traffic (those shrill ones which make people shiver in their seats while driving. A ringing sound stays in your ear for 2-3 minutes after the horn is sounded!)

(5) Overtaking from the left.

(6) Not stopping for an old pedestrians or children who are trying to cross the road.

(7) Not obeying all the common traffic rules like stopping on red and not stopping beyond
the stop line.

(8) The irritating sound/music when a vehicle backs up (songs like “sare jahaan se acha” (national song) to “snegithiye” (tamil movie song) are played!) i.e. when the vehicle is travelling in the reverse gear.

(9) The irritating music when bikes hit the brakes when slowing down.

(10) Buses blowing a bunch of diesel smoke right in the face of the people driving
besides the bus exhaust!

(11) Pollution emanating from the corporation lorries, private lorries and those small vehicles
which carry the garbage (I think they use the old refurbished diesel engines.)

(12) Weird enforcement of traffic rules only when a chief minister or VIPs pass through.

(13) Violation of lane rules for vehicles.

(14) In-your-face (read as aggressive) driving by most of the travel agency car/van drivers.

(15) Non-Emergency Public Works carried out without any safety procedures. The needs of peak hour traffic are totally ignored.

Possible solutions to the problems with Chennai Traffic:


(1) Educate all drivers regarding when to use a horn and when not to use a horn.

(2) It would be great if the most popular TV channels including the state broadcasting corporation (otherwise known as Doordarshan) run ads which educate people on traffic rules.

(3) Ensure the drivers of vehicles go through proper training and learning at their training institutes.

(4) Make the road driving test harder by making the people who apply for a license to drive to take written exam, viva-voce and driving test where they can demonstrate the knowledge of what they learnt.

(5) Catch ‘em young – go to schools to educate the children on road safety and traffic rules and ensure they carry that knowledge through their lives.

(6) Better enforcement of traffic rules should be made. The police should be made accountable and should uphold high moral standards to ensure safety of road users.

(7) Every vehicle must be checked for pollution in a strict manner and should not be allowed to ply on the road if it doesn’t carry a pollution inspection cleared certificate.

(8) Fines for traffic rules violation should be increased to a large amount which should deter people from breaking the rules.

(9) Traffic Enforcers who accept bribes should be punished severely.

(10) Having a “STOP” sign at all intersections is a must. The right of way for the vehicle stopping first at the junction of a STOP sign should be implemented.

(12) Traffic lights and traffic signs should be made visible and clear to all.

(13) Electric (or any non-polluting) Vehicles should be encouraged and a tax break should be provided for those who buy them. (

(14) A practically usable lane system should be provided where there is enough space for such provision.

(15) Vehicles should follow a lane system and maintain a decently comfortable distance between each so that pollution is reduced. (I have noticed that when 3 bikes cram into the same space, the exhaust from each gets inhaled by them. There is no space for the exhaust to travel up. Instead if there is enough space between the vehicles we may avoid having to breathe the exhaust fumes of other vehicles.)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Welcome to pogoworld!!

As returned from

Definitions of Pogo on the Web:

  • Prism pole
  • A tool for controlled language checking and generation.
  • Hold the board vertically with the tail on the ground. Stand on top of your back truck and grip the board between your feet. Holding the boards nose jump up and down as if on a pogo stick. This is a good way of causing a lot of damage to your expensive deck !!!!
  • Pogo is a hotdog on a stick covered in corn batter and deep fried. It is the commercial tradename of a brand of corn dog and also the Canadian term for corn dog, having Pogos become ubiquitous, and thus the name transferring from the specific to the generic. (c.f. Kleenex, Band-Aid, Aspirin)
  • ----Pogo was a daily comic strip by Walt Kelly as well as the name of its principal character.
  • The pogo is a dance style which emerged around 1976 and can be encountered at punk concerts. It is said that Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols invented this dance. A circle is formed in front of the stage, a so-called moshpit or pogo mob. Inside this circle, people dance pogo, jumping up and down in an eight-count-rhythm. Occasionally a dancer goes offbeat and collides with other dancers. There is no system to it, dancers follow only their intuition. An uninformed bystander might get the impression

  • The pogoworld that you are entering is going to be a colorful myriad of opinions, thoughts, observations, rants, annotations, quotations, wisdom, ideas put together for people from all walks of life!